Monday, November 8, 2010

William-Wayne & Co.

My time in New York City so much fun (look for Kips Bay pictures tomorrow)...but my thrill for the weekend was bumping in to the fabulous home store William-Wayne & Co. To say it's charming and unique is an understatement because it's so much more then that...the beautifully arranged inventory speaks for itself, but what made my experience there so memorable was chatting with the owners (William & Wayne) and staff - they were friendly, helpful and gave me a little history on the store and where else I should shop.
Truly a treasure!!

                                                                   William & Wayne

They had the best selection of mirrors in all shapes and styles.

                              I love how they have pre-wrapped practical, so cute.                                        

I stood in front of this display for at least 5 minutes - overwhelming (b/c I wanted everything!) but I found a little white dish with an indigo blue Greek key design to take home with me...

I have an obsession with trays and they had SO many to choose from!

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  1. So fun to find an unexpected store. I'm in love w/the tray in the last pic.


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