Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Victoria Hagan

If you enjoy beautiful, timeless interiors with a touch of vintage detail, you should consider adding Victoria Hagan's new book Interior Portraits to your library -- it certainly had me at first glance, just take a look at the completely serene, gorgeous cover.

Victoria designs with a comfortable yet refined look and her words are inspiring...
"I glean inspiration from all areas of my life: people, film, theater, fashion, travel. If something catches my eye or imagination, I make a mental note and file it away to use in my work. And it can come from anywhere - maybe a color in a sunset I've seen before, the weathered cobblestone of an ancient Italian street, or a faded vintage textile. If something stirs an idea or emotion in me, chances are it might show up in my work in some form." - Victoria Hagan

Take a look inside -- which is your favorite space?

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