Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kips Bay Showhouse

As one of the most well known showhouses, Kips Bay was certainly impressive and exciting to experience. It was clear that there was a tremendous amount of talent and several rooms that I absolutely loved  - having said all that, the feeling I left with was unexpected. I thought I would be overcome with excitement about one certain room, paint color or look...however, I walked away and realized that what made the showhouse so beautiful was the shell of the space, bones of the structure.

The 100 plus year old brownstone was full of character and life in its windows, arched doorways, decadent trim, and 6 story winding stairwell. Old homes can be challenging to decorate, but to me, it was what made the space so authentic and charming.

 Whimsical entryway
(Katie Ridder Design & Decoration)

 I couldn't get over the gorgeous stairwell....stunning.
(Rod Winterrowd)

 Not your typical bubble bath - a clean design and enchanting too.
(Coffinier Ku Design)

 Fabulous potential for a dinner party.
(Cullman & Kravis, Inc.)

 Quite Grand!

Beautiful and soothing bedroom - several very cool vintage pieces.
(Noel Jeffrey)

  Love this vintage vanity chair!

One of my favorite rooms - pictures above and below. Love the sofa and pillow arrangment.
(Aman & Carson)

Terrace off the kitchen - totally charming.
(Plant Specialist, LLC)

 Lauren Leiss, me, Roxanne Lumme, Michele Ginnerty, and Anne Hardock


  1. That was a great trip! Love your photos - now I realize I didn't even step outside onto the kitchen terrace. We should definitely put it in our calendars for next year.

  2. Jen everything looks stunning! I would have enjoyed it :-) Maybe next year I'll go back with you love! Great post!

  3. It was a wonderful trip and I'm so glad to have shared it with you! Where is the photo of you with the sidewalk toilet? Roxanne :o)

  4. such an awesome time Jenny!!! it was so great meeting you & can't wait till nes time!!

    huge hug & hope the resat of your weekend was amazing!!

    ps- I look really big and scary here hahahah
    (grrrrumbles in my stomach hahaah)


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