Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seaside Accessories

There are certain accessories that are hard to pull off unless you are near the water...sadly, I see them and think they wouldn't fit with my current, very land locked home/decor.

I love these beautiful accents for beachy settings.

Recycled-Tin Whale Sculpture
Recycled Tin Whale Sculpture here

Anchor Paperweight
Anchor Paperweight here

Shorebird Gathering Print
Shorebird Gathering Prints here

Knot Door Stop here

White Coral Lamp here

Vineyard Stripe Rug
Vineyard Stripe Rug here

Driftwood Sol Mirror
Driftwood Mirrors {currently on sale!} here

Clamshell Iron Stands here

Drift wood whale
Drifttwood Whale here

Hollywood Regency Faux Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier
Faux Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier here

Seagull Decor here

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rooms with a View

Would you ever tire of waking up to a scenic view? Whether it's the mountains or the sea, there is something majestic about having mother nature outside your doorstep.

These water views are stunning. I don't know what is more calming, the sound of the sea or the sight of it. Sounds like a win win to me.

{All images via Coastal Living}

The green against the blue water backdrop creates such a beautiful accent. Love this space.

I adore all the color in this space - and then looking closer, realized it is the living area to the dining room I commented on above. Obsessed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beachy State of Mind

On Thursday my husband and I are heading to Florida for a long weekend and it's all I can think my blog will probably have a bit of a beach theme this week as I look forward to all the beachy weather and decor I can soak in.

I think every one dreams about owning or decorating a home near the sea and if I had the opportunity there are certain items that would absolutely make an appearance - topping the list, rattan/bamboo furniture and decor. I just love it. It's textured, organic and looks fantastic with color.

Currey & Co. Palm Beach Orb Chandelier

Currey & Co. Palm Beach Lantern

Elise Nutmeg Nesting Tables

Elise Clove Nesting Tables

Reagent Headboard

Ambrose Nutmeg Arm Chair

Ambrose Clove Arm Chair

How great is this - spotted it on

Image via House Beautiful

Fun-loving Style
Image via Coastal Living

Image via Elle Decor

Image via House Beautiful

Image via House Beautiful

Image via Elle Decor

Friday, February 24, 2012

Secret Weapon Appetizer

I woke up craving this, so I have to share my favorite appetizer - I like to call it my "secret weapon" because it's easy, colorful and always a crowd pleaser. Grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus with marscarpone cheese. What makes this so delicious is the combination of a crispy bite, followed by smokey flavor. 

Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto

Grocery list:
*A bunch or two (depending on how many you want to make) of asparagus
*One container of marscarpone cheese
*2-3 containers of sliced prosciutto (I always buy extra in case they tear, since they are delicate)

Step 1: Roll out a piece of prosciutto and gently spread a thin layer marscarpone cheese on top

Step 2: Roll up one piece of asparagus

Step 3: Place wrapped asparagus directly on the grill at medium heat and turn after 3 minutes or so (I just eye ball it). Once it's steaming with nice grill marks on both sides (and you smell the delicious aroma) you are all set.

My biggest tip: set aside one or two for yourself because once they are out for guests, they go quick! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pillow Abundance

One thing I love about Martyn Lawrence Bullard's style are the pillow combinations he puts together. I admire how he uses "tons" of pillow, showcasing the beauty of textiles and color sets. There are also projects where the pillows are not so matchy-matchy, which is refreshing to see. It encourages me to branch out and be a bit more free with my pillow arrangements - both in amount and color.

I love these images as inspiration...

John Robshaw has the pillow look down too...the more the merrier!

I love this bedding collection - Pipal Indigo

Image via House Beautiful

black, white and turquoise living room
Image via Visualize
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