Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Esty Love

Etsy is like Google for creative people - a huge search engine for things made or created...

A few months ago, I spent one night looking at all the Etsy shops that sell throw pillows. First of all, there are so many to choose from and second, they are affordable and can be custom made. I recently ordered one from Elegant Touch in the Celerie Kemble, Bleeker print - a fabric sample that I actually had laying on my guestroom bed for some time, milling over how I should use it...finding it as pillows on Etsy was so exciting - instant gratification!! I am really happy with the result and love all the other options Elegant Touch has to offer...see more below.


There it is, front and center. More pics from my guestroom to come...still a work in progress - an upholstered headboard is being made right now and I'm so excited for its arrival!

More pillows from Elegant Touch.....


Other great Etsy pillow makers...happy searching!


  1. wonderful pillows!
    great prints and patterns.

  2. I love your blog Jenny!!! We def. have similiar taste!! I have been eyeing that etsy shop for a while!!! i love all her fabrics.... and prices for the pillows are pretty reasonable.. considering the price of some of the fabrics!!!
    p.s hopefully we will see you and the family around xmas again!

  3. Obsessed Jen!! Etsy has the best treasures :-) I found some super cute stockings on there the other day, so fun! The pillows remind me a bit of John Robshaw!

  4. Fantastic roundup! Love each and every one - and thanks for the handy links!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention!


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