Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To stencil or not to stencil...

I'm really dragging my feet on what to do with my dining room walls. Originally I wanted to do a wall covering, but even though I'm loving several different patterns, I can't find the perfect color green I have in mind. Now I'm thinking about using a wall decal to stencil.
The color I'm going for - kelly green, grass green, preppy green - whatever you call it, here it is:
There are tons of stencils to browse on are a few that catch my eye:
Drip Drop Dot: Reusable wall stencil, DIY decor - wall stencil, decorative wall stencils, stencil, wall decor, stencils
Stencil here
Trellis Reusable Wall Stencil 12x12
Stencil here
Damask stencil, reusable wall stencil, Acanthus Damask Size S/A4 7.5 x 9 inches
Etsy stencil here
Small Moroccan Wall Stencil Casbah Trellis for DIY Wallpaper Decor
Stencil here
Moroccan Medallion Reusable Wall Stencil 12x12
Stencil here
Large Wall Stencil Pattern Feathered Damask Allover Stencil for Painted Wallpaper Look
Stencil here
Star-Diamond Wall Stencil reusable
Stencil here


  1. I am having the exact same dilemma. I want to jazz up my entry. I really want to put wallpaper up, but the wallpaper I like is sooo expensive and I would literally end up spending thousands of dollars to do it. Should I just stencil it? What do you think you are going to do? Sorry, I know I am not much help!!!

    1. I think stenciling may be the way to go. Wallpaper is so costly and it is also not an easy thing to change down the road....glad I'm not the only one on this boat, decisions decisions! Keep me posted on your plans and thanks for your thoughts :)

  2. I'm going to try stenciling just one wall in my guest room. Pretty blog!


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