Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Adventures

I took a little drive up to Frederick, Maryland this weekend to "antique" and stop in Silk and Burlap, a fabulous store with vintage furniture, accessories and apparel. The store speaks for itself, but after a lovely chat with co-owner Angelique Hoffman, I was so charmed. You must go!

I have a major crush on this chandelier.

Marble top tulip table -- so fun!

Have you ever seen a lucite vanity like this? So unique.

I wondered in to the Antique Emporium - lots of good finds...

I had fun imagining this refinished.

Wouldn't these be great hanging over a dining room table?


Marble top accent this.

P.S. I swung by HomeGoods on my way home, take a look...


  1. I love the mix of styles and Silk and Burlap - makes each piece really stand out!

  2. Amazing finds. Are you sure you want to pass that chandelier up? It's so unique. But then again I have a basement full of stuff I've bought and don't have a place for! Was this the Frederick Home Goods?

  3. Michele -- you are right about the chandelier, so unique and charming. The HomeGoods is in Rockville off Rockville Pike...they always have a really good selection. Thanks for the comments! :)

  4. I love antique hunting! If I lived near Maryland, I would be visiting that place in a second! Love that tray from HomeGoods!

  5. This is parents live in Frederick, MD and my mom has a booth in the Antique Emporium! I just helped her rearrange when I was home last! I love that emporium....I shop, and have her shop with her discount, there frequently!

  6. Evie - what a SMALL world! I loved the Antique Emporium - which booth is hers? The blogging world is so small :) and friendly too!!

  7. Jenny, you must take me along next time. You have a wonderful eye! Hugs, Roxanne


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