Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Adventure

For some time I have been trying to get to the Madison and Mable tag sale out in Buckeystown, Maryland and finally made my way there this past weekend. What an experience! It's off the beaten path, but totally worth the drive.

The tag sale is in this barn below, where there are dozens of vignettes filled with furniture an accessories - most antiques with a vintage/industrial feel. It was hard to see all the unique items and know I had to leave most behind, especially when everything was so affordable.

Put this on your list of weekend adventures.

How great would 2 of these look on your dining room table?

Love all the white pitchers on display.

Can't have too many trunks.

So this is a heartbraker. I see this little vanity chair and think "jackpot!" - I pick it up and walk to the next vignette, already day dreaming about what fabric I will cover it with and how it will be such a conversation piece or personality of the room, when a woman taps me and says "Oh, sorry. I already purchased that chair" and shows me the price tag...$29. Not only a steal, but now unavailable. I was distraught. Seriously took the wind out of my sail. Moral of the story: if that was my biggest disappointment of the day, I'm doing just fine!

An old planting table that would make a cool desk.

This desk would work great in my guestroom - only $139!

$29 -- would be a fun fixer upper.

There were other barns full of furniture...a lot of people wouldn't have the energy or patience to dig through the piles of furniture waiting to be fixed up or found, but this was like a big playground to me. Such possibilities!

I was digging this little headboard.

This came home with me...
I have been looking for something to help display our holiday cards, etc. Working great so far!

$9 pitcher that came home with me too - loving it on my nightstand, filled with a bunch of English boxwood.
Lastly, a needlepoint stool that I plan to recover in a fun fabric.

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