Thursday, December 9, 2010


Cold weather is here to stay and it really makes me wish I had a fireplace in every room.
You can put on the layers and turn the heat on high, but nothing beats the flames and crackling coming from the fireplace.

(Image via Lonny)
 I love the over sized fireplace in a low ceiling room - cozy and inviting.

(Image via House to Home)

(Image here)

(Image via Lonny)
I'd claim that leather chair.

(Image via Elle Decor)

(Image via House Beautiful)
Bubble bath + lit fireplace = perfection.


  1. Hi Jenny...awesome blog! Glad I found out about you from Aesthetic Oiseau. I am local to DC as well and do a weekly Friday's Finest post to highlight our local DC Craigslist best may be interested!!! xxDanielle

  2. Thanks for reading Danielle! I love Craigslist and will be sure to check in!

  3. Love the fireplace with the stone and the blue wall!


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