Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes you just can't live without... antique bamboo accent table.

I stumbled upon an antique shop called Finials in the midst of the snowy weather yesterday...and it was a good thing I stopped in, because how great is this bamboo accent table? I love the idea of accent tables because there is no pressure - it can go anywhere (literally - the picture above is in our bathroom) will likely fit any where and they serve a purpose too...great spot for your coffee cup or glass of wine.

A few other accent tables I wouldn't mind having around...

P.S. this table is on sale for $94.50 -- amazing deal!

Available in 8 colors!

I have this and love love love it. Great for any space.


Director's Side Table


  1. I love Finials. We used to live very near there, about 1 block from there on CT Ave. Great table.

  2. Love them all, andI cannot resist bamboo, either!


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