Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movie Set Home: It's Complicated

A few nights ago I caught the movie "It's Complicated" on TV and besides laughing quite a bit, I couldn't stop commenting on how I loved the home where Meryl Streep lives. A very relaxed ranch style home in Santa Barbara, with Tuscan influence and a big, beautiful kitchen. Can you say dreamy?

A gathering spot.

White dishes on open shelves...clean and crisp.

Doesn't everyone dream of a big beautiful window over a kitchen sink? Lined with potted herbs too. Love it.

Such a friendly setting - it says "come on in and stay a while".

Looks like a vintage textile draped over the end - gorgeous touch.

Love the claw foot tub.

Meryl owns a bakery in the movie and it's equally as dreamy as the home.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I would love a home like that! I've been dying to see that movie! I might have to rent it this weekend! Great blog, you have good taste:)

  2. loved that home and the movie.


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