Friday, December 10, 2010

Sidetracked: Wedding Bliss

I'm going to pause a moment from the design aspect of things and share a few wedding details, as I'm in "wedding mode" and worked on things all week with my mom. May is fast approaching!!

Work done by my wonderful florist, Sue Poneman of Heavenly Hydrangeas
I hope to have something similar on our how the glass is lined.

I love sweets and plan to do a table of goodies much like this...

and this!

A pretty and simple cake in the mix.

My favorite idea for place cards...

This is gorgeous too!

Ideally a low, simple "up do" (...that word seems so 1990's)

My shoes!! I have to admit that I wear these around our place sometimes...I tried hard to keep them hidden from Pat, but I was too excited. My dress however, will remain a secret.

Ain't love grand?

Happy weekend!!


  1. Jenny, all of these images are AMAZING! Especially your engagement photo. :) LOVE the hydrangeas. I know the big day will be amazing. Keep posting, I love reading. XO

  2. Love the flowers! Enjoy the wedding planning it is so much fun!

  3. As always, love the wedding updates. xo, Roxanne


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