Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Projects

This weekend Pat and I did a lot of "house projects" and I'm happy with the turn out. The most time consuming {but rewarding} was our wall in the family room. It was empty and needing love, so I finally worked on a frame gallery. I love how it turned out, but what a tedious task!

I wanted to mix pictures, mementos and objects, with room to eventually add more...

Usually I'd just start hanging and hoped it worked out, but I decided to measure and do it the correct way. So I arranged the sequence on the ground, traced each frame on newspaper, then cut out to hang on the wall...

After hanging, I measured the back of each frame where the hook was and marked it on the newspaper so I knew where to put the nail.

It took longer then I thought, but it was worth it.
{Tip: On the bottom corners of each frame I put little sticky putty to help keep the frame in place against the wall, so it won't shift.}

I love this quote - enough so to hang it on the really sums up how important family is and why your surroundings should be special and true to you.

I also accessorized our wine bar. It was getting cluttered, so I was happy to give it a little order and snazz.

I also added some height and color to the mantel.

Our side table needed some love too, so I kept it simple with a frame and coasters.


  1. Jenny-- Love love love the gallery! Always such a great addition to a room.


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