Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seaside Accessories

There are certain accessories that are hard to pull off unless you are near the water...sadly, I see them and think they wouldn't fit with my current, very land locked home/decor.

I love these beautiful accents for beachy settings.

Recycled-Tin Whale Sculpture
Recycled Tin Whale Sculpture here

Anchor Paperweight
Anchor Paperweight here

Shorebird Gathering Print
Shorebird Gathering Prints here

Knot Door Stop here

White Coral Lamp here

Vineyard Stripe Rug
Vineyard Stripe Rug here

Driftwood Sol Mirror
Driftwood Mirrors {currently on sale!} here

Clamshell Iron Stands here

Drift wood whale
Drifttwood Whale here

Hollywood Regency Faux Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier
Faux Bamboo Pagoda Chandelier here

Seagull Decor here


  1. I decorate my imaginary beach house all the time, and these items would be perfect. I would love to have the pagoda light fixture in my landlocked breakfast room...adore circa who!!

  2. love it all! wish i had a beach house to decorate!

  3. I want those bird prints! I always mentally decorate my pretend beach house...all of these items will be added to the catalog. Also, there is nothing that I hate more than beach decor not at the beach. I had a roommate once who put seashells everywhere...

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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