Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shelf Life: Tom Scheerer Decorates

If you are looking for a delicious read, pick up Tom Scheerer Decorates, it will leave you inspired and content. What I've always loved about Tom Sheerer is his natural ability to make a space warm and unique with out trying too hard. His style is effortless, collected and simple. These words put it perfectly in the introduction:
"Scheerer's decorating looks a great deal like him. It's tall and commanding but often quiet. It's smart, correct, breezy, chic, well edited - and just a touch eccentric. It balances refinement with all-American ease. Yet it is un-American in its emphasis on recycling, reinventing, and not overdoing things."
I took pictures of a few favorite spaces - nice to see some shots you can't find online.

Don't mind if I do judge a book by it's cover. Ga ga over this cane pattern under the jacket of the book.  

Sensory overload.

Pretty and unexpected color scheme.
Book Review: Tom Scheerer Decorates

Killer headboard. Pattern and shape.
A Winter Getaway: Tom Scheerer
All the straw hats, bags, baskets....makes we want to be near the beach. Instead, an estimated 4-6 inches of snow is headed my way!

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  1. I will be borrowing this por favor! Love the patterned chairs in a few of these photos, gorgeous!!


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