Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hotel Design: Waldor Astoria Chicago

Stepping inside a well designed hotel is always thrilling because it might not be the aesthetic you choose to live by, but it's not often that you aren't impressed. That's the feeling I had when I entered the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago {here} this past weekend for a quick trip to the spa with dear friends. What a treat. It's a very sleek and streamlined look with upscale appeal.
Go there.
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Exterior
When you pull in the circular drive you begin to feel transported away from all your worries and obligations...
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Lobby
This magnificent light fixture greets you when you enter.
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Spa Lounge
The spa relaxation room, which I could have stayed in all day. These chairs were so comfortable and perfect to lounge in {while eating an assortment of delicious nuts and flavored water}  
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Sauna
Don't you love a long, wide hallway in a spa locker room...more like lady's wing. You know you hit the spa jack pot when you see this.
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Indoor Pool
I took a dip in this and what they don't show you is the incredible view you have.
Waldorf Astoria Chicago Hotel, IL - Bernard's Bar


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