Friday, January 17, 2014

Capturing the Moment

I really love different ways to use and display photos. Every year I make my husband a picture calendar and since Jake was born I've made a photo books for us and the grandparents, it's always a hit.
I came across this new website and am loving it for many reasons. First off, it has a classic and elegant appeal with an organic edge, they have unique concepts for photo display and they use recycled goods for photo pages. Not to mention, looks a cut above what I usually use {shutterfly, minted, tinyprints,snapfish} and I think you'll agree.
Have a look and start brainstorming, these would make great gifts.
Website: Artifact Uprising {here}
The wooden clipboard calendar {here}

Wooden Box {here}
So clever - a personalized box that holds pictures you can sift through.

Postcard Pack {here}

The Hardcover books {here} are the most impressive item and I think it's due to the elegant and simple lay out.

Who wouldn't love receiving this?

Soft cover books {here}

A wooden block that holds a set of prints {here}

1 comment:

  1. This is amazing Jen!! Totally ordering some of the instagram books, what a great way to capture the year :-) In this digital age, I'll always still love holding a real book!


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