Friday, January 3, 2014

Get with the Program

I'm not sure how it happened, but my favorite time of year came and went with out so much as one blog post on holiday celebrations, decorations and libations. My poor blog has fallen to the very bottom of my priority list and it makes me bummed. So here I go again, trying to "get with the program" and back on my posting.
So I guess I'll recap my thanksgiving and xmas with a few pictures.
Jakes really loved pumpkins around the house...and carried them everywhere.

Our tree only had ornaments on the top half and it's probably no surprise that Jake had something to do with that.
I put a tree in the entryway this year and it was so pretty shining through our front glass door. I put all our presents wrapped underneath {but forgot to take a pic of that} which made for a festive tree skirt.

A very serious Jake with Santa.
We welcomed a bit of snow and went sledding {a first for Jake}
These pajamas were a favorite over Christmas. And Jake really got into opening presents.
I hosted Christmas dinner for the first time and was so excited to use my china and get all fancy in the dining room. We squeezed 12 people at this table and had some good old fashioned fun.
Oh and those ornaments hanging from my chandy - that was my creative xmas project. Of all the d├ęcor around the house, best of all I loved peeking in my dining room and seeing these pretty, sparkly glass balls.
I made place cards for every one and wrote a question on the back that was holiday related - it created fun conversation and reminiscing.

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