Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dress your bed with pillows

The problem with bedding is that I want to change mine every season...the other, is the number of pillows I can negotiate having on the bed. Pat is of practical nature and sees no reason for more then two.

He is realizing that battle is lost...because bedding is all about the pillows.

(Image via Lonny)
I'm a sucker for anything cute is this?

(Image via House Beautiful)

(Image via Living, etc)

(Image via Southern Accents)

(Image via Lonny)

Great bedding right now...


  1. I cannot wait for our master bedroom to be completed (under construction now) and to find just the perfect sheets and pillows. I love all the images and choices you have found. Surely you have seen, "All the best" - in bed with series along with the post from "Pretty Pink Tulips" from yesterday....
    post about going "back to bed!"

  2. You can't beat a fun print or a monogram! I am always switching them out and moving them around my house. Keeps things fresh! Love the last photo with all the Lulu DK designs.

  3. I need more pillows...this confirms it!

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