Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kitchen Staples

I love when magazines high light a well known designer or celebrity and the list of things they "can't live with out" always makes me wonder, what would my list include? Well, the first things that come to mind happen to all be in my kitchen. What are your kitchen staples?
Spring Contrast Stripe Dishcloth, Set of 4, Blue
William Sonoma Dish Towels here
The colors are always fresh and these are absorbent. Plus, who doesn't love a set of stripes hanging around?
William Sonoma Pop-up Sponges here
I grew up with these sponges and love them to this day. I switch mine out every few weeks and something seems organic and homey about them.
NEST Grapefruit Candle
Nest Grapefruit Candle here
A perfect creation. This light grapefruit scent has a nice subtly about it and has a cozy appeal too.
Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Hand Soap here
This line of products is fantastic and has the nicest scent. I stock up on this soap and have it stashed all over my house.
Stemless Wine Glass
Crate & Barrel Stemless Wine Glass here
Less then $3 - need I say more?
Seeds of Change Microwave Rice
Easy, healthy and did I say easy? You just pop in the microwave for 90 seconds and done! I love that I don't have to use any dishes or pots. So nice - and tasty too.
Sur La Table Navy Woven Placemat here
Another under $5 goody. These have a nice texture and they are practical too - easy to clean and store.

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