Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Front Door Dilemma

We took down our holiday decor, which leaves my front door looking bare and needing some love. My husband even mentioned that we need to do something...

So there is always the good old standby wreath...but some seem too springy {although they are pretty} and to soon to put up, so let's take a look at a few and brainstorm about other ideas too.

What do you do to your front door this time of year?

Garden Blue Wreath
Garden Blue Wreath here

Lavender Heart Wreath
Lavender Heart Wreath here

Peony Wreath
Peony Wreath here

What about personalizing your door - attaching a  pretty ribbon to an over sized letter {of your last name} and hanging it?

Extra-Large Vintage Metal Letters
found here

Or a letter hanging in the middle of a green wreath like this....
Boxwood Wreath
found here

Like this, but less festive?

Or what about hanging a small decorative mirror?
Suzanne Kasler Set of 3 Sunburst
Ballard Designs Sunburst Mirror

You could always dress it up with hardware - door knocker, doorbell ringer, address numbers - a very sophisticated look

 Love this here

Click to enlarge
A handsome welcome! here

Tons of options -- hopefully I will come up with something soon. I'll keep you posted!! 


  1. Ooo lala! So many choices Jen! First, I totally agree with the dilemma. Personally, I left our holiday wreath up b/c the only holiday color on it was gold, so I figured it could be transitional. Second, I think a wreath is the best way to go, since mirrors and letters can be used other places inside. As to which wreath I like the best, my favorite is the one with lemons! When in doubt, take a drive around the neighborhood and see what the local trend is :-) xo

  2. I have double front doors and must admit, as much as I love Christmas, I was excited to get my wreaths down. I happily have brass door knockers and kick plates now!!


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