Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brass Creatures

I love a good brass creature. One here or there amongst accessories, only in small doses. It softens a space and brings a smile to my face {as I automatically name the creature, "that lion looks like a Larry"...}

Great options on Etsy.

Vintage brass peacock
Vintage Brass Peacock

Vintage Brass Owl Bookends
Vintage Owl Brass Bookends

Vintage pair of brass elephants
Vintage Brass Elephants

Vintage BRASS LION - Hollywood Regency - Desk Accessories - Brass Figurine - Brass Animal
Vintage Brass Lion

Brass Camel Vintage Figurine
Vintage Brass Camel

Vintage Brass Goose Figurine
Vintage Brass Goose

vintage brass armadillo paperweight texas south america animal 60s
Vintage Brass Armadillo


  1. ha, so I clicked on this post because a) I pretty much read all of your posts and b) you KNOW I love a good brass creature....I was pleasantly surprised to see my owls staring back at me! Thanks for including them!

    Also, that armadillo....ok really all of them....but the armadillo in particular might need to be mine....

  2. How fun!! I had no idea you could find things like this on Etsy, you're good for lots Jen :-) Remember the story moms tells about me hitting you (or was it Katie?!) on the head with a brass duck when we were little?! Sigh* We even had style back then!

  3. I heart brass and brass creatures. Those elephants would be so cute in my little man's nursery.

  4. What a fantastic post! Thank you very much for including our brass lion (who we will now fondly refer to as Larry).

    Stephanie @ harlow ~ monroe

  5. OMG LO, was just going to respond about you hitting me in the head with the brass duck when i was sick... sigh... JJ, love the elephants! so cute


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