Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Local Finds

When I have the patience, I enjoy cruising around on craigslist to see the bargains. Seating fascinates me most because I picture all the potential refinishing/reuhpolstery. A little TLC and these pieces could transform in to fabulous furniture.

image 0

image 0

image 0
You have to really use your imagination here...I see a funky print with contrast piping on this chair. That would quickly take it from old fashioned to in style. Maybe for an office chair?

image 0
My sister in law has this in her foyer - it's a gorgeous piece.

These are so unique.

image 0
They are practically giving this away - what a great piece for re upholstery.

image 1

image 3
Love this little bench.

image 0
Restoration Dining Chairs - $50 each (steal!)

1 comment:

  1. Great finds. I love those bamboo chairs and headboard! I have no patience with Craigs List. I never find good stuff but maybe I just don't know how to look properly!


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