Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Etsy Love

Once again, I'm in awe over the incredible selection Etsy has to offer. Today I introduce a very talented artisan of Lamp Goods, who tired of seeing the same old light fixtures, so decided to create her own. They are industrial chic with a bit of a cottage feel and totally authentic - all named after places in Main {where she lives}. Enjoy!

Westbrook. LARGE Clear Mixed Media PENDANT Light
LOVE the shape of this pendant.

Lewiston I. Diamond Cut CHANDELIER Light
Stunning in an understated way.

Chester. Clear Holophane Diamond Cut PENDANT Created NEW

Cary's Mill . LARGE Clear Holophane PENDANT

Greenish Vintage Canning Jar CEILING LIGHT Created NEW

Sidney. Beautiful Lead CRYSTAL Glass PENDANT Created New

Kennibec. LARGE Retro Clear Crackle Glass PENDANT Light


  1. Gosh, these are gorgeous, Jenny! How fun is that mason jar fixture?


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