Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty Packaging

Don't you love pretty packaging? It's inspiring, thoughtful and makes a product that much better when it's packaged in a fun print or pattern, tied with ribbon or has a special touch.

Pat gave me Lafco bath salts in my stocking for Christmas and I couldn't get over how darling they were...stock up on these salts and soaps, they smell delicious and make great gifts.


Citron Verbena

Lafco Claus Porto Madrigal - Water Lily Bath Salts
Water Lily

Melon {my favorite scent}


You must get the melon soap {and the salts} its light fragrance will stay on your hands all day...seriously, you will thank me! 


Morning Glory

Red Poppy


  1. I know, I am a sucker for pretty packages too.

  2. I'm with Patricia - I love, love pretty packaging! So much so that sometimes I never open the stuff.


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