Wednesday, June 22, 2011


{last wedding post}

I come from a family who loves pictures - they are every where in our house and luckily, Pat is a huge fan of capturing special memories the same way I do...they are only moments, but they represent so much about the simple pleasures in life.

Which brings me to this: my wedding photographs arrived and I was thrilled with how many special moments were are a few of my favorite.

Silly moments...

{"catalogue laugh"}

Moments to highlight the details...

{this was placed on our chargers and still makes me teary when I read it}

Moments where you feel incredibly lucky for supportive family and friends....

{my sisters, mom and I}

{Pat, his brothers and nephews}

{how beautiful are my bridesmaids!}

Unforgettable moments...

And best of all, giddy "I just got married" moments...


  1. I love the photos! BTW there were some cah-yute groomsmen...just sayin'!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing and you were a gorgeous bride! Loved the printed cards!

  3. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful bride!

  4. Oh Jenny! What beautiful photos. I cannot wait to see more! You and Pat are so clearly meant for one another.

  5. Jenny - lots of love & best wishes! You and Pat looked so gorgeous on your happy day. I got all the details from Jenny and Kevin who had such fun :)
    Hope to see you soon - Sally xoxo

  6. Wow, walking on sunshine and love! Congrats to you both and best wishes to a lifetime of joy!

  7. love these! thanks for sharing:-) you were such a stunning bride!! xx


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