Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have a crush: Kristen Buckingham

The new issue of Elle Decor features designer Kristin Buckingham's shop in Los Angeles (which looks fabulous!) and made me 1. wish LA was much closer and 2. fall in love with her custom upholstery line, particularly the chairs....take a look!

Stunning and vibrant storefront.

I could get in to a lot of trouble here...have a look at the mirror? and the lighting!? I could go on...

Jackie Bergere Chair
I totally adore the asymmetrical line to this chair...

Samuel Chair

Mr. Guy
I would like a few of these...can you imagine all the fun patterns to throw on this?

William Chair

Martin Chair

Stella Chair


  1. Love! The Jackie Bergere chair is gorgeous!

  2. Too funny I just read my Elle Decor last night and was drooling over her store. I love the William and Stella chairs!

  3. oooh, that asymmetrical chair is fabulous! I've not seen that before!


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