Friday, August 16, 2013

Lake Life

I'll be spending the weekend on a Lake for a family reunion back in Ohio...I can't wait. I love "life on the lake" reminds me of my Midwestern roots and some good old fashioned fun.
Hope you have a good weekend!
Lake life
Provide old-school entertainment. With the oversaturation of high-tech gadgets in our lives these days, it can feel really refreshing (and even indulgent) to unplug for an afternoon. Play board games or cards, work on a big puzzle, read, talk, go for a walk, ride bikes or swim.
Date Idea : Bonfire , Smores
Set a casual tone. I'm not saying you shouldn't clean up a bit before guests arrive, but keeping things close to the usual state of things around the house will help put guests at ease. Newspapers on the coffee table, flip flops piled by the door and music in the background set the stage for relaxation.
Fill baskets with outing essentials. I love the idea of keeping baskets by the door, ready to go for typical outings. You could have a beach basket with sunscreen, towels and spare sunglasses, or a picnic basket with blankets, cutlery and unbreakable dishes. Just grab the appropriate tote and head out!
 Reconnect at the end of the day. Even if you and your visitors part ways during the day, it can be nice to regroup and kick back together at the end of the day. Make a ritual of carrying snacks and beverages into the backyard or onto the porch and sharing stories from your day.
 Beach Bum #Happy Hour #cocktail #summer

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  1. Oh how fun and relaxing those weekends always are. Enjoy!


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