Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Exciting Mention

So many days come and go where I miss out on a blog post and I wonder why I blog at all. Mostly, it is a creative {non client restricting!} outlet for me and I really love the community of bloggers and readers, all which keep me going.
My blog was mentioned in House Beautiful's Weekly Blog Round up this past week, which really had me flattered and excited! They found my post on wall stencils {here} and seeing my little blog mentioned by not only my favorite design publication, but with other notable bloggers really gives me a push to keep blogging.
House Beautiful
Read the Weekly Blog Round up here
{my attempt at taking a pic from my phone}


  1. That's so fun! And please, continue to blog!

  2. Jenny, congrats! What an exciting thing!!! Miss you.

  3. So exciting! Congrats! And please keep blogging...I love reading your blog!! :)

  4. Congrats, Jen! Very exciting news. I'm glad others are beginning to see why I already love your blog. Keep up the good work. xo


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