Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Abstract Art

Art can be tough. You don't want to spend a fortune, but want something unique, something you connect with. Your surroundings are intimate and personal, so each thing you hang on your walls should be something you love.

I spent an absurd amount of time on Etsy last night searching for authentic looking abstract art and I was pleasantly surprised with all the beautiful options. I'm drawn to bright colors that have a vibrant yet organic feel. Scroll down to see which one I found for my space!

Original Painting Abstract Art Canvas Expressionist, Modern Painting, bold, violet, rust, magenta, blue 14x14 Linda Monfort

The Far Side Print 10x10 from original oil mix media painting

Original Abstract Painting 12x16 acrylic on canvas

Treeline 2

Pink and Blue Abstract 12 x 12

Oct. 30, 2011 - Original Abstract Oil Painting - 9x9 painting (app. 9 cm x 9 cm) with 8 x 10 inch mat
Green House ORIGINAL abstract oil painting

Undertow...original painting by Michelle Daisley Moffitt

Image of Mimi Print
I ended up purchasing this stunning print from the incredibly talented Michelle Armas. It will eventually live in our guest room. I just love it.


  1. Hi Jenny. This is a beautiful collection of art. Thank you for including me.

  2. Jenny, I agree, there is so much beautiful art on Etsy! Thanks for including my piece also!


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